Living Better

Eager to help Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, and surrounding areas. Dr. Cristina Crouse is here to guide you towards your goals for your health.

When Dr. Cristina first experienced chiropractic care she realized the difference it can make in each person’s life. She felt that chiropractic could help you achieve a life full of vitality.

In order to live with vitality, the crucial component that often goes overlooked is the brain-body connection, which takes place through our nervous system, our bodies main communication pathway. This connection remaining clear, is a crucial component to maintain health and wellbeing.

Optimal Health

“With a mission to help our community live better, we want to remind you that you can have unbelievable health that allows you to live your purpose each and every day!” With greater health, you can give more to this world and be a better leader, husband, brother, etc!

Dr. Cristina enjoys helping entire families feel better and live better by focusing on a healthy nervous system. “By using our unique approach that uses the latest technology available to gain critical insight into the health and wellbeing of the spine nervous system, we can get to the root cause of our patients concerns and achieve incredible results.”


Natural Care for Everyone

As a family wellness practice we have an overarching goal of helping people live better. Whether it’s getting out of pain, boosting your immune system, or overcoming ADHD. We enjoy seeing patients of all ages. “I want to help families live their best and brightest lives through all-natural care!”

Dr. Cristina specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care. She is passionate about helping children with ADHD, Autism, SPD and other developmental disorders. Seeing them get better and feel better naturally brings him immense joy and fulfillment.

Are you ready to experience the difference Chiropractic can make in your life?