To help support our community and practice members in achieving abundant health, Dr Brady provides monthly workshops in our office, as well as in the community. The word "doctor" comes from the latin word "docere" meaning "to teach."

We have many workshops designed to enrich our community and empower them towards reaching true health and wellbeing.


Upcoming Workshops:

Please stay tuned for upcoming workshops!

Other Available Vitality Family Chiropractic Workshops:

  • The Perfect Storm: The Perfect Storm highlights the confluence of factors that lead to neuro-developmental disorder such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, SPD, Epilepsy, and more.
  • Raising Healthy Kids: With a passion for children's health, Dr. Brady will discuss ways parents can help their children live happier, healthier lives. He empowers parents, reminding them that our bodies and our children's were designed to heal themselves, from the inside-out.
  • Life By Design: Learn about how God designed our bodies to function and heal naturally so you can live a healthy life.
  • Empowered Pregnancy: Dr. Brady will educate expecting mothers on the ways that chiropractic care can help you have a healthy, safe pregnancy and delivery!
  • Your Spine, Your Health: Our monthly workshop for new patients and those interested in learning more. You will learn valuable action steps for health, principles that help our patients get the best results around, as well as how it works!


Are you curious or passionate about a specific cause? Dr. Brady also does workshops on specific healthy topics such as diabetes, ear infections and more! We also provide workshops for businesses, schools and organizations.
Dr. Brady is here and ready to help you and your loved ones live better!

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