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At Vitality Family Chiropractic, we love when patients share with us their feedback and comments after chiropractic care. Please watch our patient testimonials below to see what other people have achieved through their tailored treatment plans with us. Share your stories too! Share your feedback with us so that we can help to spread the word about the benefits of natural Chiropractic care. For more information or to schedule an appointment call or email us today.

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Yelp Reviews

5 star ratingI couldn't live without this place. Dr Brady has helped control my RA, kept me off medication and diminished my pain significantly since I started going here a year ago. Now my husband and three kids, 12-2, go regularly. We have reduced our visits to the doctor and recover from colds quickly. Many thanks to Dr. Brady and Christy. They are the best!

Malika B. Avatar
Malika B.

5 star ratingDr. Brady has been an amazing help to my 6 month old son! He is so knowledgeable and comfortable with babies. I'm really glad we decided to try Chiropractic and we may not have until we found Dr. Brady. His wife, Christy, is very kind and accommodating too. We love this family practice.

Alyssa J. Avatar
Alyssa J.

5 star ratingDr.Brady and his wife, Christy are a great team. He's helped me with my ongoing lower back pain and is so easy to work with. He really does take time with his patients and is genuinely concerned with any ailments. Christy makes scheduling very easy and for a busy mama of 3, that's a huge plus!

Lily V. Avatar
Lily V.

5 star ratingI've been seeing Dr. Brady for about a month now, and I'm already feeling and seeing the improvements. Dr. Brady uses not just his knowledge of the body, but science and technology as well. You actually get to visually see your progression by the various scans that he does. He is not your typical chiropractor, Dr. Brady is a healer and he cares. Their office is very nice and comfortable to visit, even if I have my crazy little boys with me! Christy, who runs the office, is also very knowledgeable and helpful, and she makes scheduling and rescheduling appointments easy. Their reminder via text the day before your appointment is bonus, which for me is very helpful! If you are looking to heal your body, and be able to understand what is going on throughout the process, Dr. Brady will be the last chiropractor you will have to visit!

Mark S. Avatar
Mark S.

5 star ratingI have been being treated by chiropractors since I was 12 and I am 51. It started as having 1 leg shorter than the other and with all of the sports I was involved with had me constantly out of alignment causing me pain and a reduction in performance.
Family Chiropractic is different!! Dr. Brady's pinpoint approach and the technology he uses to verify what every patient needs to be n perfect shape is priceless. He uses multiple techniques and adjustments for every part of the body to allow the perfect treatment granting success and relief from whatever my body brings (different every visit). I would recommend that EVERYONE seeing a chiropractor for whatever reason give him a try to experience what true relief is all about.

Brian G. Avatar
Brian G.

5 star ratingFamily chiropractic for years for all 4 of my pregnancy's Sharon knows what she doing she a small woman but has a lot of strength hours varies but 100% recommend.

Daisy J. Avatar
Daisy J.


My 8 year old fell from a high rope hanging from a tree. She hit her back and neck on a picnic bench and landed on the ground. She was in so much pain... for three days til I called a referred chiropractor who worked successfully on my friend's child. Dr. Brady from Vitality Family Chiropractor in Westlake Village. He got us in to see what was going on. This week, my child needed Dr. Brady's adjustment, 4 times. She really likes Dr Brady. She said he helped her and she likes that he is so nice. He has a great office environment and I can tell he really cares. His prices are reasonable and I am so happy we found him. Thank You Dr. Brady!

Erin G. Avatar
Erin G.

5 star ratingDr Brady has been a wonderful addition to my weekly schedule. 5 minutes and you feel like a new man or woman. If you have any spare time or not, he is a must to get your body and nervous system in balance.

Kenny V. Avatar
Kenny V.

5 star ratingSomething really hit me this morning as I got myself situated on Dr. Brady Salcido's table for my weekly adjustment. He asked how I was feeling and I paused. "I can't even remember the last time I thought about my low back." That's an earthshattering statement from this girl, and here's why: I've been in chronic pain with my low back and suffered from headaches and migraines for as long as I can remember.

I only met Dr. Brady a few months ago. I'm a doula and childbirth educator, and after hearing from about 6 mutual clients over the last year how much Dr. Brady had helped them, I had to go meet him for professional reasons. A pregnant woman who boasts that she's been given relief from sciatica, low back pain, is sleeping better, has less nausea, had help moving a mal-positioned baby using the Webster technique before birth...that says a lot to me. But then, the babies....stories of babies who wouldn't stop crying, colicky babies who could not be comforted, babies who weren't latching well on one side, babies who weren't sleeping...the babies were feeling better! Okay, I had to meet this man.

I had pretty much lost faith in chiropractic for me. I've seen dozens of chiropractors in my lifetime, and only ONE in my past had provided any significant relief. Several had injured me further. I have a history of sports injuries and scoliosis and thought perhaps I was just a lost cause. I immediately was drawn to Dr. Brady's style and scientific approach. I decided if I was going to refer my clients here, I might as well check it out for myself and at least make sure I could feel comfortable that they were in good hands. With all of the positive reviews I had heard from my clients, I at least knew he wouldn't do harm. I never expected the transformation that has happened in such a short period of time.

I appreciated that Dr. Brady didn't start adjusting me without the latest technologies on his side. What I was feeling in my body was confirmed in my x-rays, rolling thermal scans, and HRV tests. I came to him a disaster. As a doula, my work is hard on my body. It's relentless. I had attended four long births in the last 30 days, and had just finished a marathon birth. In three days I had slept one hour. I had spent three days on my hands and knees squeezing hips, rubbing a mama's body for endless hours, holding legs up against the forces of birth. I went into that birth with my low back out and in agonizing pain, so you can imagine how I was afterwards. I could barely walk. I was WRECKED. It only took a few adjustments to start noticing a change, and now, just a couple of months later, I am completely pain free.

What I didn't realize is that I have been suffering with chronic pain for so long, I had just accepted this was my life. I was an extremely healthy person who was SUFFERING quietly. I eat an exceptionally clean diet, exercise, practice mindfulness and meditation daily, but every single day was a challenge of pushing through the pain. I remember thinking, "If I feel this way at 38, how am I going to feel ten years from now??" With this pain lifted, I have seen improvements in all aspects of my life...and I had a pretty great life before. I don't have to wince when my kids pile on my lap. I can get down and wrestle with my boys. The lifting of pain has lifted my spirits. I am happier, less irritable, more connected with my loved ones, and able to give even more to the women and couples I serve. I feel a deeper sense of calm and contentment in all aspects of my life.

As if that wasn't enough of a reason to trust Dr. Brady with your care, there's more. There's Christy, the woman who runs the show-the office manager, and the feeling of family the minute you walk in the door. Even when the office is busy, Christy makes you feel welcome and cared for. She and Dr. Brady genuinely care about you, your family, your life, and your health. As a patient, I feel seen, heard, validated, and cared for. And busy moms, they have the COOLEST kids corner with the most awesome toys that entertain even my most rambunctious 19 month old boy while I'm getting adjusted. Do yourself a favor and put your health first. Vitality Family Chiropractic is now the ONLY referral for chiropractic care I'm giving to my doula and childbirth education clients. They provide care for the entire family. My appointments are a highlight of my week, and now my post-birth self-care plan looks like this: 1. Sleep. 2. Call Dr. Brady. Huge thank you to the entire office for your spectacular care!!!!

Jessica C. Avatar
Jessica C.

5 star ratingI hurt my back playing soccer a few weeks ago. It was tragic! It actually got to the point where I had difficulty getting out of bed and exercise was near impossible. I contacted Dr. Brady and set up an appointment prior to a backpacking trip I had planned. The staff at Vitality were so wonderful and the process of setting an appointment was simple. I greatly appreciate the objective approach to therapy Dr Brady performed and found the experience incredibly educational as well as productive. After seeing Dr. Brady twice for adjustments I was no longer feeling the pain of my injury. I recently returned form my backpacking trip and haven't had any issues with my back or neck at all!! If you're feeling any back or neck discomfort, or have simply never been to a chiropractor, do yourself a favor and check out Vitality! They will be my first call following all future injuries. Thanks guys!

Nicholas H. Avatar
Nicholas H.

Google Reviews

I’ve been seeing Dr. Brady for about a month now, and I’m already feeling and seeing the improvements. Dr. Brady uses not just his knowledge of the body, but science and technology as well. You actually get to visually see your progression by the various scans that he does. He is not your typical chiropractor, Dr. Brady is a healer and he cares. Their office is very nice and comfortable to visit, even if I have my crazy little boys with me! Christy, who runs the office, is also very knowledgeable and helpful, and she makes scheduling and rescheduling appointments easy. Their reminder via text the day before your appointment is bonus, which for me is very helpful! If you are looking to heal your body, and be able to understand what is going on throughout the process, Dr. Brady will be the last chiropractor you will have to visit!

Play Time with Hudson & Ryder Avatar
Play Time with Hudson & Ryder

Dr. Brady is so knowledagble and has truly helped me so much with terrible back pain throughout pregnancy and postpartum. If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no further! My family and I rely on Dr. Brady and trust him to help us. Christy at the front desk is so friendly and so helpful! We love Vitality Family Chiropractic.

Hailey Moore Avatar
Hailey Moore

Dr.Brady and his wife, Christy are a great team. He's helped me with my ongoing lower back pain and is so easy to work with. He really does take time with his patients and is genuinely concerned with any ailments. Christy makes scheduling very easy and for a busy mama of 3, that's a huge plus!

Lily Velasquez Avatar
Lily Velasquez

My experience at Vitality Family Chiropractic has been nothing short of amazing. Dr. Salcido is attentive, kind, and highly knowledgeable! He has helped relieve my back and hip pain and has made it possible for me to be pain free at work again. Scheduling appointments is easy and Christy at the front desk is always friendly and welcoming. If you are looking for a skilled chiropractor who is passionate about what they do, look no further!

Ethan Grider Avatar
Ethan Grider

Dr.Brady is a miracle worker! After having my twin girls my lower back was terrible. My 7 month twin girls(who have been coming since they were 1 month), my husband and I have been seeing Dr.Brady for almost 7 months now and my back feels 100% better! We are so lucky to have found Dr.Brady and Christie. If you’re looking for a welcoming family chiro, Vitality is the place for you❤️

Vanessa Rodriguez Avatar
Vanessa Rodriguez

This is an amazing practice! I am going for general health as I am a runner and need proper recovery. Dr. Salcido and his wife are so welcoming and make you feel confident and informed every visit. They give you so much information about your health before you ever even get an adjustment. Their out of network for insurance but their cost is very reasonable and you get so much information for it. Incredible people and practice!

Sarah Connley Avatar
Sarah Connley

WOW, First time ever with this kind of treatment, I just wish I did it sooner! What an amazing place. Def recommending to friends and family, maybe even my dog!!!

Charles Smith Avatar
Charles Smith

I am just starting with Vitality in the last trimester of my pregnancy. I am doing a homebirth so I want everything aligned before baby comes out so its a smooth delivery! I am very mobile and have been having pelvic pain and have begun to find relief from Dr. Brady's treatments. Only time will tell the rest! Overall him and Christy have a great business, are very kind, and you can tell they are very passionate about what they do. To me that is everything.

Kat S Avatar
Kat S

Taking a 12 week old baby to a chiropractor can be nerve wracking... anticipating the worst (How much will my child need, How much will this cost me... Am I failing her if I don’t go?). After calling and speaking with Christie, who explained everything to me that would happen and exactly what the cost would be... I decided to give it at least one shot. I am so glad I did.

Their office is beautiful, and comfy... but that’s not what’s important. It’s the people in the office that made this visit so beautiful and helpful. Dr. Brady explained everything he did to my daughter as he did it. He scanned her back and found the exact areas she needed minor corrections in and then made the adjustments. I am so thankful we went. I would highly recommend Dr.Brady to anyone with a small infant in need of some body work.

Shauna Rodman Avatar
Shauna Rodman

Love, love, love Dr. Brady and Christie! I was so skeptical of going to a chiropractor, but I had done EVERYTHING to ease my shoulder and neck pain and I figured I would give it a shot. Dr. Brady was able to find trigger points and give me relief on my very first visit! I am terrified of having my back cracked, so he does gentle stretches and pressure work instead. I have seen him for a little over a year and feel better than ever. My son sees him now and I recommend him to all my clients with full confidence. Christie is a joy and makes you feel so welcome, I look forward to seeing them every week!

Jennifer Flatt Avatar
Jennifer Flatt

Written Testimonials

Chiropractic and Autism

Stephanie's Daughter"We can't say enough about the healing that Dr. Brady has brought, not only our daughter, but us as well. When our now 4 yr old daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we were desperate to find ways to help her overcome some of her obstacles. Although her ABA therapy was helping she was suffering in many other ways.

Prior to seeing Dr. Brady she was waking up every night at odd hours, she had chronic constipation, she always seemed to have a cold and she would break out in skin rashes for unknown reasons. I didn't expect any miracles when we first started going, but I can honestly say that in the six months we've been seeing Dr. Brady, he has made an incredible improvement in all our lives.

Our daughter now sleeps through the night, for the first time she has been having regular bowel movements, no skin rashes, and it's been months since she's had as much as a sniffle, and our daughter loves going to see him because he is always so kind and gentle with her. Dr. Brady definitely made us believers in the healing powers of chiropractic therapy. Thank you Dr. Brady!" -Stephanie

Amazing and Helpful

You were absolutely amazing and extremely helpful. I can't wait until my next appointment! I felt so much better after my first adjustment.
-William B.

Great Team!

Dr. Brady is very experienced and describes everything in great detail! 🙂 The receptionist is amazing and sweet too. I love coming here.
-Janelle L.

"Excellent Rehabilitation Methods"

Dr. Brady is an approachable, amicable and informative doctor. He treats my family and our bodies with much respect. Dr. Brady has excellent rehabilitation methods and is really involved in our well being. We are fortunate to call him our family chiropractor.
-Mireya K.

"Professional & Knowledgeable!"

Dr. Brady was very professional and knowledgeable. For a first time patient, he explained things very well and made me feel very confident that my daughter would receive great care from him. -Stephanie R.

"I feel immediate pain relief when Dr. Brady adjusts me!"

"I had back surgery about 4 years ago. Although the surgery helped with my pain it did not fully relieve the pain. I had been seeing several other Chiropractors with no success. The last couple of years the pain has returned as well as a new issue with tingling and numbness in my fingers, which I thought was Carpal Tunnel syndrome. [toggle title="Read more »"]My MD has recommended another series of surgeries. I began seeing Dr. Brady a few months ago. Dr. Brady quickly assessed that the numbness in my fingers was due to a newly developing issue with my neck. He began a series of neck adjustments that other Chiropractors have been unable to do. Within a couple of weeks the tingling is gone and my MD no longer needs to do surgery! Re: my lower back issues, Dr. Brady again has been able to adjust my very lower back, which other Chiropractors have said that I am in the top 5% of most difficult patients to adjust. I feel immediate pain relief when he adjusts me! I no longer require surgery for my back as well!?? Finally, I began taking my child to Dr. Brady as well. She is doing much better as well and always looks forward to seeing Dr. Brady; his way/bedside manner with children is awesome! Kids really like him. He instinctively loves kids and is truly committed and passionate about improving the quality of their lives. I also know that Dr. Brady has donated much of his personal time working with disadvantaged children; he even donated his time and went to Peru where he adjusted over 400 kids! We are now lifelong patients of Dr. Brady!" -Steven D.

"Dr. Brady is SOOOO great with kids!"

Dr. Brady is SOOOO great with kids! Now, for those of you who get freaked out by the thought of your kid going to a chiro, bear this in mind: if you were learning to walk and fell directly onto your pelvis 20 times a day you may also find yourself slightly subluxated. Both my boys go to the "back doctor" and neither is freaked out. He has some great kid-friendly gear and really knows how to get his work done in that "sweet spot" of time between a kid being excited to be there and bored and ready to run again. I can also speak to his work on adults. I was having some incredible pain in my neck. I couldn't turn it to the right more than 20 degrees off center. In one visit he had the pain gone and complete mobility restored. ??He's a great guy, easy to get along with, he listens to you and develops a plan based on your needs. I never feel pressured to sign up for any kind of treatment that I don't think I need. He's funny, too. It's always a great experience. -Jesse G.

"Go here before you go to any other chiropractor."

My face was going head hurt...I was in SO MUCH PAIN...I thought MY NECK WAS BROKEN. Dr. Brady attentively listened to my symptoms, and in LESS THAN 30 Min adjusted my dislocated neck back into place!! The chiropractic office is clean and Dr. Brady is trustworthy. ?My neck is 100% back to normal, it's INCREDIBLE!? Dr. Brady is PROFESSIONAL AND RELIABLE. ?If you go to Vitality Family Chiropractic you will see BIG RESULTS IMMEDIATELY. ?I will visit Vitality Family Chiropractic for all my adjustment needs. Go here before you go to any other chiropractor. ?IF YOU FEEL BACK/NECK/HEAD PAIN VISIT THIS CHIROPRACTOR?. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Vitality Family Chiropractic. -Erick A.

"From my very first treatment, I experienced major relief of chronic pain that had been ongoing for years."

I am here to testify! I have had absolutely fantastic results from my treatment program with Dr. Brady! From the very beginning, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Brady's energetic passion and dedication to healing, combined with his knowledge of the most up-to-date health information and his use of state-of-the-art diagnostics to effectively target his patient's core issues... , thus very effectively being able to address the specific areas of Subluxations in the spine which are the roots of the patient's manifesting health problems. From my very first treatment, I experienced major relief of chronic pain that had been ongoing for years. I knew that, although there would be some time and patience involved to correct and heal these long-term issues, my body and I were definitely on the right path to healing the central problems. When I began treatment, I was at the point of barely being able to bend over, and experiencing much radiating nerve pain and muscle tightness in my legs. I could barely even lift my left leg to shift gears while driving without experiencing pain, and of course, many household chores and even extra-curricular activities were left undone and unattended to, because of my ongoing chronic pain and inflexibility. I have experienced issues with sciatica on and off over the years as well. I have also had a lifelong problem with poor posture, all due to issues that Dr. Brady has been working with me to correct. After a couple of months of comprehensive treatment, my spine felt truly rejuvenated and I began to feel like a new person, much more able to go about daily activities and get back to actually feeling good enough to even do some exercise and yoga. It is quite a joy to no longer be experiencing the chronic pain! I might add that I have been treated by several different chiropractors over the years, and none has ever had the success in working with my body and issues as Dr. Brady has had. Dr. Brady has my highest recommendations!! If you decide to partner with Dr. Brady and dedicate your body to the healing process, as well as incorporating healthy lifestyle choices, I'm sure you will have similar, if not even more miraculous results. -Julie C.

"Our six week old son was having many problems...Dr. Brady is truly a miracle worker."

Our six week old son was having many problems. He was having trouble nursing, sleeping, and was always straining with horrible gas and spitting up all the time. He was constipated very often. It was very hard for us to see him so uncomfortable. He wasn't getting much sleep and neither were we. We were desperately looking for help and answers. We saw our pediatrician, we hired a lactation consultant, and did lots of research. After many dead ends, we decided to look for a chiropractor to make sure everything was in the right place. We were very nervous. As first time parents, we are super protective and particular about who handles our son. From the moment we spoke to Dr. Brady on the phone, we knew we were lucky to have found him. He made us feel comfortable, was very informative and gave us a bit of hope. He was energetic and positive, and we could tell how passionate he was about helping children (and their parents!!). We walked in to Dr. Brady's office and he was ready to get him better. He was warm and accommodating. We were startled at how young he is, and blown away by his maturity and professionalism. It's no wonder he's moving up so quickly. He really went above and beyond for us. He spent an hour with us and our son, scanning him and performing 3 vital adjustments. Dr. Brady was very thorough and answered all our questions. He explained everything he saw and what he was doing. He was extremely gentle with our son, and it was so easy to see his dedication to his craft. That night, our son's discomfort lessened. He pooped the next day after not going for 11 days, he slept through the night, and best of all...he was happy!!! It's been a week since we saw Dr. Brady and our son is doing so much better. Dr. Brady is truly a miracle worker. Our son has had considerably less gas. He's pooping regularly, nursing beautifully, and he's sleeping... finally!!! Dr. Brady even called several times to check up on us and our son!! Aside from his amazing talent, the most impressive thing about him is how much he truly cares for his patients and the passion he has for his work. Whatever the issue you're having with your child, or yourself, you should absolutely go see Dr. Brady. He'll fix you right up!!! My wife and I went back to have our own adjustments as well, and we feel great. Thank you Dr. Brady, we will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family! -Joe and Jennifer T.

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