Chiropractic for Athletes

Being a former collegiate rugby player, Dr Brady is very familiar with the stress that comes with playing sports. Whether it’s a teenager wanting to make the most of his high school football career or a professional athlete looking to take his game to a new level, Chiropractic can help.

Perform At Your Best

Some of the top professional athletes in the world use regular Chiropractic care as part of their routine to perform at their best and stay injury free. Jerry Rice utilized regular Chiropractic care during his prestigious 17-year career. This is quite impressive considering that the average career in the NFL is 4 years. Others like Joe Montana, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jordan have as well.

Chiropractors are now becoming highly sought after for many athletic teams, college teams, and professional teams. Chiropractic helps athletes perform at their peak, recover quicker, and help prevent injuries. Regular care means the athlete can regularly perform at their best.

Keep Your Body In Peak Condition

Every body is run and coordinated through the brain. It’s the central command center for our body. Every thought, every move, every cut on the field, every pass, every turn, and every play is made by the brain. The brain is able to act through its network of nerves that connect it to the rest of the body.

Every vertebrae and curve of the spine play a key role in the ability of the brain to fully act on the body. Misalignments or change of the natural curves of the spine can adversely affect the function of the nervous system. It also affects the ability of the spine to move properly. This can keep any athlete from performing at their peak.

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