Chiropractic Family Wellness

The Present Epidemic

The United States spends almost 7 trillion dollars a year on healthcare annually yet we rank 49th in life expectancy and quality of life compared to other countries. Many families are realizing that our healthcare system has a protocol of “Wait Until Something Happens” rather “Live Well.”

Families want ways to avoid unnecessary medications and antibiotics as well as give their families incredible immune systems and health that will stand the test of time. Families are gaining greater understanding that health isn’t just the absence of disease or symptoms, but is optimal physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

A New Paradigm

The way of true healthcare of the future is no longer a “Wait Until Something Happens” system but is a system of not only prevent but optimization through the principles of true health and wellbeing.

The Vitality Way

At the core of our mission at Vitality Family Chiropractic, we understand that to be well, there are foundational 5 foundational principles that you must live by.

  • Eat Well
  • Move Well
  • Think Well
  • Rest Well
  • Maintain a Healthy Nervous System

The Center Of It All

The 5th principle is the most essential part of the puzzle. Why? Without a healthy nervous system it is impossible to eat well, move well, think well, or rest well.

Did you know that your nervous system is considered the “Master Control System” of the body? Think about it. Your brain and central nervous system control every single organ, tissue, even cell of your entire body. Without optimal nerve supply going to each one of those organs, it makes it difficult for them to function at 100% and therefore you cannot have 100% health. Just like cavities or high blood pressure, you do not always feel this interference. So it is important to get checked regularly.

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