Thank you for your interest in "How Birth Can Affect Your Child's Health."

Birth is an incredible experience. We go from two cells to a fully developed baby in 9 months, and then the last step is to deliver this beautiful child into the world.

This last step is not an easy step, not just for mom, but for the baby as well.

How can birth affect our child's health? Yes it can have its challenges and difficulties but aren't they just physical? Can that truly affect our children's health?

You will learn that birth plays a crucial factor in your child's health, not just now but in the future as well.

ADHD, Asthma, Autism, Epilepsy, SPD, and Chronic Immune Challenges are just to name a few of conditions that can be related back to birth. Is it the sole factor? Maybe not, but it does play a large part. More than many realize.

I hope that you find it illuminating and may it give you hope if you are facing health challenges with your child.

Dr. Brady Salcido
Pediatric and Family Chiropractor
Vitality Family Chiropractic