Asthma: The Two Sided Coin

Asthma and Chiropractic: A Two Sided Coin

Asthma is becoming a much more common issue for our world. When people ask how Chiropractic can help people struggling with asthma, I tell them it’s a two sided coin.

There’s two concerns when dealing with Asthma. One is there is a serious immune imbalance, which causes a hyperactive response to stimulus. There other part of this is when there is a severe immune imbalance, it allows inflammation to storm the body and in particular the lungs!

When inflammation hits the lungs it causes the bronchioles to swell, making it much more difficult to breathe and may cause wheezing.

As a Chiropractor, my job is simply this: To restore the function of the nervous system so the body can start to balance and heal. When the body starts to heal it starts to balance the immune system.

One of the most important nerves in the body is the Vagus Nerve. There were studies done where they stimulated the vagus nerve and found a significant reduction in inflammation. This nerve exits the spine from the skull and upper neck. Stress on this area of the spine and nervous system can cause inflammation to linger in the body.

So the first step in the process is we need to restore the health or the nervous system and immune system. They are interconnected, which is why neuro-immunology is becoming huge in research right now!

The second part is poor mechanics. This is where we address the issue of the structural problem. Often times asthma suffers have developed poor posture and major restrictions through their thoracic spine and ribs, leading to a difficulty opening their chest fully.

Our second step as Chiropractors is then to address the postural distortions that create dysfunction in breathing patterns.


We Don’t Guess. We Test

You’ll hear us say this over and over. Why? Because we care about addressing the cause not just treating your symptoms. That’s why we get the results that we do. We treat the body as a whole and help to restore normal function of the body so you can live your best life now!

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