Can Chiropractic Help My Breech Baby?

Where It All Begins

A regular phone call we receive goes something like this “I’m ___ weeks pregnant and I found out my baby is breech? Can Chiropractic help?”

The short answer is yes, Chiropractic may be able to help.

Babies that are in the breech position are flipped upside down with the buttocks down toward the pelvis and the head up towards the chest. It is not an ideal position for delivery and can make it difficult.

The predominant theory for why a baby turns breech is because there is less room in the womb due a condition know as intra uterine constraint (in-utero constraint). This condition occurs when the mothers uterus doesn’t open completely and gives the baby less room then normal to grow and develop. When the baby feels the stress of this it will turn to try and gain more room in the womb, which leads to the breech positioning.

Remember the uterus is a muscle and all muscles don’t act alone. They only do as they are told by the nervous system. When someone is stressed you can see the muscles of their body tense up, especially in the upper back and shoulders. However when we have neurological stress due to a condition called subluxation, a misalignment in the spine creating stress and tension on the nervous system, it does something very similar to the muscles of the uterus. When stress due to subluxations affect the nerves going to the uterus this can create tension in the muscles of the uterus and create in-utero constraint.

So Can Chiropractic Help Turn A Breech Baby?

Let me be clear, our goal as Chiropractors isn’t to turn your baby face down. This can happen as a byproduct of our care but it is not our goal. Our goal is to remove the stress on the nervous system that is creating tension in the uterus. In doing so our goal is to allow the uterus to open up as much as possible to allow the baby to turn face down again.

Dr Brady is ICPA certified in the Webster Technique. The webster technique is highly specialized for pregnant women, with a specific emphasis on sacrum, where the nerves that supply the uterus reside, and the pelvis.

Throughout your pregnancy Dr Brady will utilize the webster technique to ensure your have your best pregnancy possible!

Check out our video on pregnancy care.

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