Know Your Scans: Your Thermography Scan

The first assessment we perform is our Thermography Scan. This is the first in a series of three scans we may perform.

Our nervous system, our “master control system” is the main controller of all heat distribution in the body. By using this infrared thermography we can assess your spine and nervous system for areas where heat distribution has been altered, giving us a much clearer picture of where subluxations may be.

Typically the scan should be all white bars. This tells us that heat is being distributed equally on both sides. If you see bars of green, blue, or red that’s demonstrating areas of mild, moderate, to tremendous stress and inflammation on the spine and nervous system, which is not good.

You may have received a Nervous System Chart showing the areas of spine, what areas of the nervous system is protected in that area, as well as what common effects can be seen if subluxations are present in those areas. Note the correlation between the areas of the spine that show altered colors (green, blue, or red) and the nervous system chart you were given to see if areas correlate to the symptoms you may be having.

It’s important to note that areas with 2 or more consecutive colored bars together indicate significant levels of stress on the spine and nervous system. Areas that have reached levels of red indicate that the subluxation is much more mature and has been there quite awhile.

It’s also very important to note that symptoms do NOT need to be present for the scanning technology to pick up alterations in heat distribution. Most of the time symptoms are the last thing to show up and the first thing to leave. This test gets the root cause of the issue, which is your body’s inability to heal and correct the problem due to subluxations in your nervous system.

The thermal scan is great tool for understanding how subluxations have affected specific areas of stress on the spine and nervous system. Our other assessments can help us achieve a much broader and global understanding how subluxations have been affected your entire body as well as your health.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dr Brady

1. Dr Brady Has A Major Sweet ToothDSC_0148

I know… Being a Chiropractor and wellness expert we’re not supposed to have our weaknesses but I do! I confess.

It’s not easy. If I see sugar, my body wants sugar and I have very little self control. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are loaded with sugar but so delicious. I love cookies and I love brownies. I love sweets even though I know afterwards I feel absolutely terrible the next day. It’s hard to wake up and makes me feel extremely tired the next day.

That’s why I try to never buy sweets for the house. You won’t find any of this stuff on our grocery list because I know if I buy it, I’ll eat. Christy never stands a chance. I think that’s a helpful tip for anyone who’s looking to lose weight or cut back on the sweets. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it or drink it.

2. Dr Brady first wanted to be an actor.

I grew up watching all the Saturday Night Lives with Will Ferrel, Chris Katan, Jimmy Fallon, and Chris Farley. I took acting class all throughout high school with plans and hopes of being on Saturday Night Live. I loved improvisational comedy and acting. However in order to take the acting class for my senior year, you had to do the school play.

No problem at all, I thought, until I realized that the play that year was a musical and I would have to sing. My singing voice isn’t particularly great. It sounds very similar to Adam Lambert, if he was sick with strep throat and had just smoked a pack of cigarettes. I immediately transferred into woodwork that day and that was the end of the acting career.

This has lead me to truly enjoy speaking and educating. I love speaking and educating. Part of my future will entail speaking more at events/conferences and possibly book writing.

3. Dr Brady was a rugby player

Not a common sport to hear about these days. I’ve played rugby since I was in high school. I loved soccer and played football through high school. Rugby is a perfect blend of the two and I fell in love. I played all the way through my time at Azusa Pacific University as a flanker.


4. Dr Brady used to be 50 pounds heavier!

It’s true. By the time I graduated high school I weighed 235 pounds. I was overweight even though I was playing rugby. I was working out 3-4 times a week for rugby but it wasn’t cutting it.

I’ll save all the juicy details about how exactly I lost all the weight for another time but long story short I became a learner and found a love to optimizing health through nutrition. I found out what my body needed vs what it wanted. I did a cleanse to reboot my system and flush toxins out. I then started a brand new eating regime while trying out different methods of eating to see what worked best for my body!

I lost the 50 pounds, workout at Crossfit 4-5 times per week, and get adjusted regular. That’s livin’ life with vitality!

5. Dr Brady almost became a Chiropractor in Peru!

That’s right. Right before graduating Chiropractic school I had lined up a job to work with a Chiropractic organization in Lima, Peru. I would become a lead doctor for one of their clinics and work there for at least two years. I’ve always loved Hispanic culture (with a last name like Salcido it should be obvious right?) and wanted to travel, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity for a guy like me.

One day however I got a message from a friend at my gym, who mentioned that there was a girl who I had to meet and her name was Christy. I immediately said that I was planning on leaving the country so meeting a girl was not the best idea. She showed me her picture and took back everything I said previously and took the date!

Long story short after the first date I knew I created a problem for myself because this girl was too perfect to pass up. So after a couple weeks I was sold and told the company I would not be traveling to Peru.

Now I get to be YOUR Chiropractor and it’s my honor to do so!