Chiropractic “Side Effects”: Energy

This is a public service announcement to warn individuals in our community of the side effects of Chiropractic… They just so happen to be good!

One of the most common “side effects” we hear from our patients during their care in our office is an increase in their overall energy. There’s a couple reasons for this.

Chiropractic Makes You Efficient

The best part of taking our state of the art scans is we can see exactly where your spine and nervous system is wasting energy just to be upright. When the spine is not in optimal alignment, it puts stress on the muscles and nervous system to adapt and compensate. This robs your body of valuable energy you could be using to play with your kids, to focus better at work, to go to the gym, to go on a date night, or whatever else fatigue takes away from you.

Chiropractic care allows your spine to be in optimal alignment, removing stress on your nervous system allowing your body to use all of that energy for whatever it is you would love to do! Chiropractic helps you truly LIVE BETTER!

Chiropractic Helps You Sleep Deeper

Many patients report not waking up as tired in the morning. This isn’t because they are sleeping longer, but it’s because they truly sleep deeper! It’s not the length of time you sleep, it’s the quality of the sleep you get that makes the biggest difference.

In your scans you’ll see just how stress your nervous system is. When the nervous system is stressed, it makes it very difficult to get quality sleep, since your brain is perceiving it’s in a state of fight or flight.

Chiropractic Helps You Feel Better

Seems like an obvious one, but Chiropractic truly helps you feel better. That’s not our intended goal but it just so happens that as we restore normal health of the nervous system and the body begins to heal properly, you tend to feel better.

When you feel better, it allows you to have more confidence in your health and body. When you have more energy and confidence you are unstoppable.

Is it time for you to get checked? Call today so you can start experiencing the side effects of Chiropractic in your life!