Chiropractic and More Energy

I see it time and time again on the very first progress exam for many practice members. “What other things have you noticed since beginning care in our office?”

“Well, I’ve noticed I haven’t been as tired recently and I feel that I have more energy.”

It happens on a regular basis. One of the things that sets Vitality Family Chiropractic apart from any other Chiropractic office is our state of the art technology, which we can now use to measure energy balance and distribution in the body.

Our pain free surface electromyography scan will show the distribution of stress and energy in the body. It gathers a very important scores called our Total Energy score.

Total energy is essential at % score. We want it to be as close as we can towards 100%, which would be a perfect score meaning we have 100% energy function. The higher that number goes, the more the body has to work to get the job done.

Say someone scores a 200. Essentially that individual’s body has to work 2x’s harder than they should to get the job done.

Imagine you’re driving on the freeway going 65 mph, but your car is revving at 9000 RPM’s. Your car is working far harder than it needs to, wasting more gas (energy) than it has do, and decreases the longevity of your car.

Imagine having to use twice the amount of energy that you should have to use every single day of your life. Of course you would feel tired and get drained from stress easier.

By removing the stress on the nervous system, we allow the body to use energy more efficiently so that you can go through your day better and have more energy to be a better spouse, father, mother, leader, and so on.

Live Better with Vitality Family Chiropractic.

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