Chiropractic Mybuster: Once You Go To A Chiropractor…

“I’ve heard once you go to a Chiropractor, you always have to go to a Chiropractor.” This is one of largest myths propelled through society regarding Chiropractic. This really stems from a lack of communication and education about what Chiropractic does.

Many people assume that because they see their friends or family going to a Chiropractor regularly they assume either 1) the adjustments aren’t doing the job 2) the Chiropractor says they need to be seen “or else.”

It’s Your Health

Here’s the truth. You are always in control of your own health. You are the one solely responsible for what activities you do to contribute to your health.

Here’s something to think about. Do you need to workout? Does the gym make you workout? No. You workout because it is a requirement for health. You don’t workout regularly because the gym says you have to.

How about your dentist? Do you get your checkups because your dentists says you have to? No. You get checkups and cleanings because it’s important to prevent tooth decay from happening and to keep teeth healthy.

It’s no different for your spine and nervous system. We are all constantly bombarded by physical, chemical, and emotional stress. It’s inevitable. This stress takes a toll on our body and our body needs to adapt to that stress. When we can no longer adapt to that stress, it creates subluxations on our spine and nervous system.

Your nervous system is a pillar for health. If a nerve gets cut to your bicep, it no longer works. If a nerve gets cut going to the heart, it no longer beats.

Your spine and nervous system is like the control panel to the rest of your body. It is the master control system. Having a healthy nervous system is a requirement for optimal health.

You will only have a healthy nervous system as long as you maintain it. You will only maintain your fitness as long as you go to the gym.

Reality Check

Once you go to a Chiropractor and restore the health of your nervous system, it’s your choice as to how you choose to maintain it. Your chiropractor can help you get a plan in place to maintain the health of your spine and nervous system.

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