Chiropractic “Side Effects”: Better Sleep

One of the common “Side Effects” we hear from patients when they are going through their Restoration Care is “I feel like I’m sleeping better!”

Most of the time, it’s not because they are sleeping longer, it’s that they are sleeping deeper. Now we have patients who would wake up every couple of hours and to them they were truly sleeping longer, but for the vast majority time didn’t change but quality did!

This has to do with stress. When stress is allowed to settle in the body, it’s puts you nervous system into a state of fight or flight. When your brain is in fight or flight, the last thing it wants to do is get deep profound sleep. Imagine you are at work and you are in the middle of a stressful project or need to meet a deadline. What if someone came up to you and said you had to fall asleep right then and there? Essentially it’s the same concept, when you are stressed, your body brain can’t shut down.

Chiropractic is focused on removing stress from the body and nervous system as well as balance out the nervous system so you can sleep better.

This brings us back to the state of the art scans in our office. This is where our Heart Rate Variability Technology comes into play

On your heart rate variability evaluation we can see exactly how dominant your nervous system is on the Sympathetic nervous system (the fight or flight mode). This gives us a quantitative look into the health and balance of your nervous system to see if that is truly disrupting your sleep. We then gain more insight and clarity into your health by diving into our other scans and finding where exactly the stress is holding and building up in your nervous system.

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