Numbness and Pain in the Arm or Hand

One of the more common symptoms that bring people to a Chiropractic office is numbness and pain down the arm. Neck pain is often associated with this as well. Many believe that it is a circulation problem; similar to when you fall asleep on your arm and after awhile you feel the “pins and needles” sensation down the arm. This however is not the case. Many probably wish they could just “shake it off” but it is not possible. The real cause behind the issue is irritation to the nerves that travel down the arm.

Getting to the Source of the Problem

The nerves that travel down the arm and into the hand originate from the neck. The nerves that exit the spine must exit between two vertebrae with a disc in between them. When one of these vertebrae come out of their normal alignment and get stuck in that position, they lose their ability to go through normal ranges of motion. This causes inflammation to build in the area and the muscles located near the nerve to tighten. If this misalignment is left untreated the condition may worsen causing degeneration to the disc and further irritation to the nerve.

Many people suffering with this condition have had incredible results through Chiropractic. Dr J.K. Paterson took 364 patients suffering from neck pain, 115 of which had numbness and tingling down one or both arms. 90% of these patients had 100% resolution of their complaints through Chiropractic adjustments. Why? Chiropractic addresses the cause of the issue, the irritation to the nerve from the spine.

How Can We Help?

At Vitality Family Chiropractic we take a multi-faceted approach to determining the true cause behind your problem.

First, our physical exam will determine help determine the areas of the spine that seem to have lost normal motion, as well as any areas that could be compensating for the problem.

Second, we will take scans of your nervous system using Surface EMG and Thermography. These scans highlight areas of the nervous system that under stress.

Lastly, we will take X-rays of your spine to determine the extent of the problem.

From there we will have a specific plan for you to get you back living the life of vitality you deserve.

If you are tired of suffering, give us a call at [PRACTICE PHONE].

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