Once You Go To A Chiropractor…

You’ve heard it before, “Once you go to a Chiropractor, you have to go for the rest of the your life.” I’ve always found this question funny, but really this question stems from a lack of understanding of the intention and purpose of Chiropractic. Many people when they think about the reason to see a Chiropractor, they usually are thinking about back problems or pain. Most of them think, just get “cracked” a couple times and feel better and get on your way. To be honest, there are Chiropractors that do focus solely on the pain and how you “feel.” However this is missing the boat on the true benefits and purpose of Chiropractic. Chiropractic’s intention is RESTORATION: to restore balance and function of the nervous system by removing subluxations located within the spine. The removes stress on the most important system of your body, which allows you to not only feel better, but actually function and live at a higher capacity.

Neurology has shown us that only 10% of our nervous system is dedicated to how we feel, the other 90% being dedicated to our Autonomic System, which is the part of our nervous system that governs our unconscious functioning, such as digestion, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, absorption, energy distribution, liver functioning, filtration by the kidneys, etc. That list could go on forever, because our nervous system governs all the functions in our entire body. The other 90% of our nervous system is focused on how our body functioning and only 10% on how you’re feeling.

So does it make sense to focus so much on how you’re feeling, when that’s only 10% of what is important for your body? Of course not. Chiropractic is focused on this 90%, how you function!

So I will have to go the rest of my life?

It’s the same as brushing your teeth, you want to keep healthy teeth so you need to maintain them and take care of them. Or take going to the gym for example. Once you get a membership you always have to go right? Wrong, you chose how healthy and fit you want to be. Same with Chiropractic, you chose how healthy you want your nervous system to be.

Of course, I would love for you to become part of the Vitality Family and experience health and vitality for your entire family. I want the best for you and I know that through a healthy and fully functioning nervous system, you get TRUE health and get the most out of life!

“Once you go to the Chiropractor, you’ll experience LIFE and health like you never thought was possible!”

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