Chiropractic Fights the Flu

Gaining Notoriety and Fame

Did you know that Chiropractic originally gained its notoriety and fame not from back pain and neck pain, but from the flu?

In 1918, America was hit by one of the worst flu epidemics ever recorded. Many people lost their lives. A review of medical records showed a group of 50 doctors had seen 4953 people for treatment of the flu. Of those 4953 people 274 died. It was a scary time to get the flu.

However out in Davenport, Iowa there was a lot of buzz going around about a group of Chiropractors who were treating patients for the flu. 150 Chiropractors saw 1635 people for the flu and only recorded 1 death. Word quickly spread about Chiropractors helping people to combat disease.

Chiropractic very rapidly rose to establish license in many states for it’s efficacy in help people combat disease.

So how in the world did Chiropractic help people with the flu?

Chiropractors understand you don’t treat the seed; you treat the soil. You don’t treat the flu; you treat the body. There is a very integral relationship between the immune system and the nervous system. Hence the budding new research called “Neuro-Immunology.”

Chiropractors understand the nervous system controls and coordinates everything. By removing the road blocks and stress on the nervous system, we restore and enhance optimal function of the nervous system, giving the individual an immune boost.

Are you in need of an “Immune Boost?”

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