Chiropractic Fights the Flu

Gaining Notoriety and Fame

Did you know that Chiropractic originally gained its notoriety and fame not from back pain and neck pain, but from the flu?

In 1918, America was hit by one of the worst flu epidemics ever recorded. Many people lost their lives. A review of medical records showed a group of 50 doctors had seen 4953 people for treatment of the flu. Of those 4953 people 274 died. It was a scary time to get the flu.

However out in Davenport, Iowa there was a lot of buzz going around about a group of Chiropractors who were treating patients for the flu. 150 Chiropractors saw 1635 people for the flu and only recorded 1 death. Word quickly spread about Chiropractors helping people to combat disease.

Chiropractic very rapidly rose to establish license in many states for it’s efficacy in help people combat disease.

So how in the world did Chiropractic help people with the flu?

Chiropractors understand you don’t treat the seed; you treat the soil. You don’t treat the flu; you treat the body. There is a very integral relationship between the immune system and the nervous system. Hence the budding new research called “Neuro-Immunology.”

Chiropractors understand the nervous system controls and coordinates everything. By removing the road blocks and stress on the nervous system, we restore and enhance optimal function of the nervous system, giving the individual an immune boost.

Are you in need of an “Immune Boost?”

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March Press Release: Autism

Vitality Family Chiropractic: How Chiropractic Can Help Children With Autism Recover Naturally

(Westlake Village, CA). January 6th 2015–Autism has been receiving tremendous amounts of attention in recent years. The CDC announced Autism rates had increased dramatically from 1 in 150 in 2002 to 1 in every 68 children being affected in 2010 – only 8 years later. Further, the CDC stated that rates are expected to continually increase. Healthcare professionals are still unsure as to the cause behind Autism, as well as the course of treatment. Knowing this, many parents are taking it upon themselves to determine the best treatment for their child.

Most parents wouldn’t think to bring their children to see a Chiropractor, but Vitality Family Chiropractic, located in Westlake Village, CA, is full of children. “I’m not really ‘treating’ them,” says Dr Brady, “I’m not trying to change them at all. My goal is to remove barriers that are inhibiting their body from healing and functioning at its fullest potential. This often results in better sleep habits, decreased sensitivities, better gut health, and more controlled behaviors.”

Many leading professionals agree that Autism can cause permanent neurological damage, but Dr Brady refuses to put a constraint on how children with Autism can recover. One mother writes in her testimonial, “We can’t say enough about the healing that Dr. Brady has brought, not only for our daughter, but us as well. When our now 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we were desperate to find ways to help her overcome some of her obstacles…but I can honestly say that in the six months we’ve been seeing Dr. Brady, he has made an incredible improvement in all our lives.”

How does it work? Dr Brady says, “By helping restore proper neurological function, we help children to perceive and adapt to their world better. What I look for are subluxations in the spine, particularly in the upper neck which houses the brainstem – an extremely important neurological center. A subluxation can create a series of physiological and neurological changes leading to a build up of inflammation and stress within the Central Nervous System. Every child is unique and different, therefore our care changes to best suit each particular child.”

Dr Brady regularly provides a free workshop for the community called the Perfect Storm Workshop, which walks parents through many of the physiological and neurological changes in Autism. It also gives parents action steps on neurological healing that have helped many of his patients and families. The next workshop takes place in April for Autism Awareness Month. While it does take time, Dr Brady has helped many children get off medications, restore healthy digestive function, have stronger immune systems, and better behaviors.

Dr Brady Salcido practices at Vitality Family Chiropractic in Westlake Village, CA. To register for the next Perfect Storm Workshop or for information visit

Be Weary of Antibiotics

Be weary of antibiotics? Really? Many people are surprised when we talk about antibiotics and the dangers associated with them. Yes, they have saved many lives in the past and was a critical discovery in a time of desperate need.

Antibiotics literally mean “against (anti) bacteria.” The concept behind antibiotics is to destroy bacteria. It makes sense and seems simple. It should be a great idea for sickness and ear infections right? Wrong.

Simple Truth

70% of our immune lives in the gut, which is made of mostly bacteria. When an antibiotic enters the body it kills all the bacteria it can, which unfortunately means that it will kill off good, healthy gut bacteria along with it. This good and healthy gut bacteria lays the foundation for our immune system. Without this good healthy bacteria our immune system is left vulnerable to another attack. This is explains why many people who have overused antibiotics have poor immunity and get sick more often.

By using antibiotics more frequently it doesn’t allow your immune system to work and strengthen. It’s like going to the gym to get stronger, but overtime you want to lift a weight, someone else picks it up for you. You don’t get any stronger and neither does our immune system.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are far and away the most overly prescribed diagnosis for children. in 2007 the American Academy of Pediatrics convened to discuss the treatment of ear infections with antibiotics. The report showed that there was no significant difference between patients who used antibiotics versus the placebo. It was then decided by the American Academy of Pediatrics that the new approach should be “watch and wait.” Essentially saying let it run it’s course. More evidence has been shown to support that ear infections may be predominately viral in nature.

The Cold/Flu Season

We get asked by parents often if antibiotics are a good choice for the flu or cold. My answer is no. Of course there are rare, life threatening situations that call for antibiotics. Common colds and flus most often times do not qualify. Most often children and adults will recover without issue. Using antibiotics for the short term seem like a good idea to recover quicker, but the long term effects may leave you in a worse place than you were before. It could leave you more vulnerable to getting sick and keep you from recovering as quickly as you would like.

What If I’ve Already Taken Antibiotics

Probiotics are your best bet here. There are plenty of great products out there at Whole Foods or Sprouts that are soil based and great. In order to recover from antibiotics, we need a good probiotic to start adding some healthy gut bacteria back into our system. Make sure to rotate between brands to make sure you are getting adequate amounts of various strains of bacteria.

Help your body heal and adapt through Chiropractic care. Chiropractic helps reboot your gut and immune system so that you get sick less often and recover quicker.

The Cause Behind Torticollis

Here’s a question for you.

When you grab a cup, does your hand squeeze involuntarily or did you make it squeeze? It may sound like a funny question but I’m trying to make a point. The point is the muscles of your forearm didn’t just contract on their own. They contracted because your brain told them to do so.

All muscles in the body are controlled and coordinated by the nervous system. Without the nerves telling the muscles what to do, guess what happens? They atrophy.

On the other end of the spectrum when the nerves get irritated, the muscle contracts and spasms.

The same goes with torticollis. It’s not because they didn’t get their banana and muscles started to spasm. It’s because at the root source the problem is the nerve is being irritated cause the muscle to spasm.

Many times we hear of procedures being used for torticollis that simply address the symptom, which is the muscle in spasm, and completely overlook the cause in the nervous system.

Our job as Chiropractors is to get to the root cause of the problem in nervous system by removing the stress on the nervous system so that the muscle can relax. Why? It’s because when stress is off the nerve, the nerve can now properly tell the muscle to do so.

That’s why we use the latest, state of the art technology to accurately and effectively measure for stress on the nervous system. The scans are certified by the space foundation and are pain-free and radiation-free.

That’s why we say, “We Don’t Guess. We Test.”

Is your child suffering from torticollis. Give us a call today!

A Chiropractor’s Take on The Vaxxed Documentary

IMG_3539Last Wednesday night at the Regency Theater in Westlake Village, CA I got to watch the film, Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe, for the first time. As an individual passionate about health and wellbeing, I as blown away. I have researched and read countless books, articles, and documentaries about vaccines since my time in Chiropractic school and still I came away with so much more knowledge and, honestly, disgust for the pharmaceutical and health agencies. As a Chiropractor, I have never felt so strong about my position in my community and the necessity of Chiropractic for the betterment of our children, our families, and our communities’ health future.

Here are a couple of my take-aways from this film. There is so much to say. I could write a whole book on my thoughts from the film, vaccines, and health in general, but we’re going to keep it focused for everyone reading. This isn’t a debate. This isn’t a scientific journal discussing all the facts. This is simply my first thoughts that I had after watching the film!

One Of The Best Films For Vaccine Awareness

I have seen most, if not all, the vaccine documentaries such as The Greater Good, Bought, and Trace Amounts. I feel that documentaries are going to be the gateway into raising awareness on this important issue because many people simply aren’t going to pick up and buy a book they’re not completely certain they’ll agree with to begin with. There is simply too much information to get across that a book doesn’t always do the best job for a newcomer.

Vaxxed does a brilliant job of addressing a deeper issue that affects everyone, including those who are pro-vaccination. It addresses the fact that we have been LIED TO and that the doctors, the experts who families have trusted for generations, have been lied to as well.

It’s my opinion that many documentaries go about it from a scientific stand point, often trying to attack the vaccines themselves. While it’s a valiant effort, the problem still remains that there is cultural authority for this term called “evidence-based.” The problems with the “evidence” in this case is 1) the “evidence” is being conducted by the same organization that stands to profit from the vaccines and 2) there is evidence (thanks to a whistleblower within the CDC itself) that data may have been falsified. How can we base our decision on evidence that may be corrupt?

Vaxxed addresses these evidence issues. This film is set up like a court case. The case is NOT to address the efficacy of vaccines, but to address the corruption within the organizations who stand to profit from the vaccines and who also happen to control the safety regulations and studies done on vaccines. The case in this documentary is a question of whether the CDC has committed fraud or not. Has the CDC deliberately destroyed documents and falsified data to cover up a significant problem with the MMR vaccine?

The filmmakers lay out the terms within our judicial system that would substantiate a case for fraud and take the viewer step by step through the case uncovering fraudulent claims, obstruction of justice, and more. The end conclusion doesn’t deliberately scream out “Don’t Vaccinate Your Child!,” but calls for further investigation on the CDC because of the evidence presented. The goal isn’t to make your decision for you but to show that there is some serious corruption in the iron throne of our CDC.

If these claims are true that the CDC did cover up information about vaccines and studies done, this SHOULD make you furious. The evidence and facts that arise during this documentary are absolutely mind-blowing and should truly resonate with you to look into this issue further.

If you are basing your decision off of falsified information, wouldn’t you want to know?

The Stories Are Powerful

IMG_3541As a Chiropractor who sees whole families and children with neuro-developmental challenges, I have heard many of the stories from our parents, but to actually witness and visually see what some of these parents went through immediately following the injuries and throughout their lives was truly heart-wrenching. I am beyond impressed with all our parents in our office. You all are rockstars.

It’s one thing to read about the science, the data, the facts, the theories, and the conspiracies, but when you see videos of children growing up smiling and perfectly healthy and witness video footage following a vaccination where the child slowly starts to regress from walking to crawling to banging their head, it is hard to watch and not make the connection.

We see a lot of babies in our practice. Not because they have back pain or neck pain, but because they have a nervous system that needs to be maintained in order to ensure an optimal brain-body connection for 100% health. Adjustments are extremely gentle with no clicking or popping (for those who are wondering) and uses the same pressure I would use to check a tomato for ripeness.

There’s a video of a little baby girl having a terrible seizure while mom tries to comfort her… I’m not a father yet, but as a doctor for many babies whose parents have trusted me with their little girl’s or boy’s health, I cannot imagine the weight and the pain of watching your own child go through that, nor do I ever want to.

The stories are powerful, whether you have children or not. When watching the before and after videos, you cannot help but be thinking what everyone else is thinking.

The Audience

What was fascinating to me was the audience. You’d think that a documentary about vaccines and fraud would draw a strong crowd from mostly people who have experienced a child or family member being injured by vaccinations, but that was not the case. The truth is only 25% of the crowd fit that category.

I think it’s incredible to see so many people become more aware and interested in this topic. I believe it is going to be so beneficial for the health of our children that people are starting to hold the healthcare system more accountable and are starting to take responsibility to do their due diligence before going forward with any decision on what to put in their bodies.

The reality is we have lived in a world for so long where Medical Doctors have always been right and there is no need to do our research. Let the experts take care of it, and we don’t have to think about it. Vaxxed exposes the reality that these experts that we’ve looked to for answers have been lied to. It’s not their fault, but now the system is slowly collapsing, and honestly it needs to! We need to hold our system accountable.

During the Q&A, we listened to countless stories of people affected and frustrated by the situation we are in. Parent after parent came forward to share their story, and it really wasn’t so much of a Q&A as it was almost venting! You could feel in the air how needed this film was because all of these people just needed a voice.

Final Thoughts

I’m very thankful this documentary has been receiving so much recognition in the world, but it truly needs so much more. The quality of the film is incredible and is a perfect entry point for those who want just a taste of what is going on in the vaccine industry without getting loaded down with all the science.

I love that I get to help families and children build health from within. I love growing our wall of testimonies and helping as many people as possible. One thing that I realized after watching this film is that my office will be desperately needed with the new vaccine law in effect.

There will likely be many more cases that walk through my doors due to these injuries. I desperately wish that was not the case. It saddens me every time, but I feel blessed to be able to be a part of many families’ healing afterwards. We get to see amazing things happen everyday, whether it’s the little everyday things that we can help or sometimes the bigger miracles. I’ve realized that for many families the small things are big things to them, and that’s all that matters me.

I strongly urge you to see this movie. If you don’t like it, you’ll be out a couple bucks and an hour and a half of your time.

Once the video is available for purchase we will be holding private showings of the film for our community. So make sure you stay connected so we can spread the word.

Love you all!
Dr Brady
Your Family Chiropractor