The Cause Behind Torticollis

Here’s a question for you.

When you grab a cup, does your hand squeeze involuntarily or did you make it squeeze? It may sound like a funny question but I’m trying to make a point. The point is the muscles of your forearm didn’t just contract on their own. They contracted because your brain told them to do so.

All muscles in the body are controlled and coordinated by the nervous system. Without the nerves telling the muscles what to do, guess what happens? They atrophy.

On the other end of the spectrum when the nerves get irritated, the muscle contracts and spasms.

The same goes with torticollis. It’s not because they didn’t get their banana and muscles started to spasm. It’s because at the root source the problem is the nerve is being irritated cause the muscle to spasm.

Many times we hear of procedures being used for torticollis that simply address the symptom, which is the muscle in spasm, and completely overlook the cause in the nervous system.

Our job as Chiropractors is to get to the root cause of the problem in nervous system by removing the stress on the nervous system so that the muscle can relax. Why? It’s because when stress is off the nerve, the nerve can now properly tell the muscle to do so.

That’s why we use the latest, state of the art technology to accurately and effectively measure for stress on the nervous system. The scans are certified by the space foundation and are pain-free and radiation-free.

That’s why we say, “We Don’t Guess. We Test.”

Is your child suffering from torticollis. Give us a call today!

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